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Xblitz XB-P500 dashcam review


Record from camera during daylight operation 

Record from camera during night conditions operation 









Record from camera during night conditions operation 





A professional Xblitz P500 dashcam recording Full HD images replaces the excellent P100. The dashcam works exceptionally well both during the day and at night. Even in low lighting conditions that image is clear and sharp. The set, apart from a main unit and a car charger with cable includes three different mounts in an exclusive packaging.

A unique feature is a magnetic mount with wireless charging function. This innovative solution allows quick installation and removal of the camera without removing the mount. The dashcam is very robust and along with the mount has a pleasing and slightly futuristic design. Another great feature is use of just four easily accessible buttons to operate the device and navigate the intuitive menu. Similar to Xblitz P100, P500 also offers an additional USB port in the car charger connector. It allows to simultaneously charge two devices (e.g. dashcam and smartphone). Another interesting feature is an air ioniser installed in one of the mounts. Its improves overall travel comfort by improving the quality of air. Like other Xblitz dashcams, P500 starts automatically at power on (by turning the key in the ignition switch) and shuts down several seconds after the engine is turned off. The dashcam also includes a LED indicating the operation mode and can be rotated by 180 degrees for “reversed” installation on the dashboard. Users can enter the vehicle’s licence plate number.




However, the device has several shortcomings. Despite the quality of the image being much better than lower-priced devices, it is still lower than offered by P100 despite using the same image sensor. The recorded video is less sharp and slightly blurry compared to the previous model. Also, the sound quality is disappointing due to a very low volume. The connection between the camera and the mount is convenient and well-designed. However, the same cannot be said about the mount attachment to the windshield which requires use of double-sided self-adhesive tape. The mount without the air ioniser (more compact) allows vertical dashcam adjustment only. If the mount is attached incorrectly, the horizontal adjustment is virtually impossible. Also, if the dashcam is moved to another vehicle, the self-adhesive tape has to be replaced by the user. A spare piece of self-adhesive tape is not provided, which considering the price is a serious oversight by the manufacturer. Compact size of the dashcam and minimalistic housing mean a small 1.5” display that may deter prospective users. The dashcam also lacks direct PC connectivity for downloading recorded videos. The videos can be downloaded directly from the memory card. The camera supports memory cards up to 32GB only. Unfortunately, the price may also be a deterrent.




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