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Xblitz XB-P100 dashcam review


Record from camera during daylight operation 

Record from camera during night conditions operation 









Record from camera during night conditions operation 





A high-performance dashcam recording Full HD videos. Robust and well-fitting metal housing. Large lens gives a professional digital camera look. Easily accessible buttons and intuitive menu. Built-in additional USB connector in the car charger plug. Charging two devices simultaneously (e.g. dashcam and smartphone). Useful when a single cigarette lighter socket is available. Like other Xblitz dashcams, P100 starts automatically at power on (by turning the key in the ignition switch) and shuts down several seconds after the engine is turned off. Wide angle lens and high-resolution offer high quality images in day and night conditions. WDR performs well and the sound quality is very good.




However, the battery life is relatively poor. Robust metal housing means that the dashcam is quite heavy. Degrease the windshield and make sure it contacts the windshield with its entire surface before attaching a suction cup. Even with the stabilization function, the image can be blurry on uneven surfaces. The price is also relatively high.




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