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Xblitz XB-Night dashcam review


Record from camera during daylight operation 

Record from camera during night conditions operation 









Record from camera during daylight operation 


Record from camera during night conditions operation 





Night is another high-performance Xblitz dashcam recording Full HD videos.

Its metal housing is robust and well-fitting. An easily identifiable lens is fitted with a mechanical infrared filter and 8 high-power IR illuminators adjusted with a ring on the lens itself. The videos recorded at night are well illuminated, unlike many other dashcams with IR illuminators available on the market. A LED providing additional illumination in picture mode is installed in the corner. The quality of the recorded images both during the day and at night is very good despite minor noise at low lighting conditions. The main features are a large and crisp display and an intuitive menu. It also allows the user to enter a vehicle licence plate which is embedded in the image along with date and time. The mount is secure and the ball joint provides a wide range of adjustment. An angle connector - a rarely used feature improves overall aesthetics. Like other Xblitz dashcams, Night starts automatically at power on (by turning the key in the ignition switch) and shuts down several seconds after the engine is turned off.




Unfortunately, the biggest advantage of Xblitz Night dashcam - an advanced night-time recording function did not perform very well during the test. A high-power IR illuminator, instead of improving the visibility on the road, has exposed a dashboard reflected from the windshield. However, this issue was observed mostly in delivery trucks with a more vertical windshield compared to passenger cars. Touch button on the front panel were tricky to use, making it difficult to navigate the menu, not always responding to the touch or interpreting a single tap as a double tap, resulting in a wrong menu item being selected. WDR worked fine, however, the response time to changes in light intensity was quite slow.




Despite all the issues, it is a good quality, reasonably priced dashcam for use in almost any conditions.



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