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Xblitz XB-NaviiGPS dashcam review


Record from camera during daylight operation 

Record from camera during night conditions operation 









Record from camera during night conditions operation 





Xblitz NaviiGPS car driving recorder is an interesting offer of a car dash camera featuring a GPS module for recording traffic incidents. It features a unique style, it is lightweight and compact and does not take up too much windshield space.
Its housing is made of high quality plastic. The device is operated with four easily accessible and visible buttons at the front. The main power switch is on the side of the device, however as in all Xblitz models - NaviiGPS starts automatically after connecting the power supply, usually by turning the key in the ignition and shuts down several seconds after turning the engine off. It also features a well-designed handle, a high power suction cup for attaching the device to the windshield and a ball joint for adjusting the device position. Flat and robust power cable can be easily concealed behind the vehicle’s dashboard components.


The quality of recorded images is very good and comparable to GO model by the same manufacturer. WDR function works perfectly. The image is not overexposed even in a bright ambient light. The quality of images recorded at night is adequate, however the details can be difficult to distinguish under low light conditions. A 140 degrees angle of view is sufficient for most applications. The device provides good quality and volume of the recorded sound.


The GPS function, which significantly raises the rating of the device is also its undeniable advantage. When the GPS signal is available, as indicated by a green satellite symbol, the device records its current position, speed and azimuth. Free app available at the official device website allows to preview the recorded data including speed vs. time curve, and a map with the vehicle’s route. The app is easy to use and does not require installation on the PC (Fig. 1 and 2).


Built-in GPS allows to approximate indication of vehicle position and speed 

Fig. 1:


Fig. 2:


GPS function can be disabled in the menu. The device automatically sets current date and time based on the GPS signal, however the time zone is set manually.
It can also remind the driver to take a break and use the headlights. The device supports up to 64 GB memory cards for storing recorded images.




The sound recording is disabled by default and must be enabled in the menu. With GPS function enabled, the device retrieves the GPS signal every time the device is started, which may take some time and the first recorded sequence may not contain speed and location data. This compact device features a 2” display, which might not be sufficient for some users.




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