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Xblitz XB-Mirror dashcam review


Record from camera during daylight operation 

Record from camera during night conditions operation 









Record from camera during night conditions operation 




Xblitz Mirror car driving recorder is an interesting combination of a rear view mirror and a dash cam. The device is attached directly to the vehicle rear view mirror using rubber bands. The installation is easy, however the bands must be tight to avoid vibrations affecting the image quality. Its housing is made of high quality plastics and the buttons are easily accessible at the front.
Large and clear 4.3” display is on right side of the mirror. The user menu is intuitive and easy to use. As in all Xblitz models - Mirror starts automatically after connecting the power supply, usually by turning the key in the ignition and shuts down several seconds after turning the engine off.
The device camera features a ball joint for easy adjustment without changing the position of the rear view mirror.




The quality of recorded images is lower than expected due to the legacy AVI format producing low quality and low compression images. The images are jittery and low detail, and may occasionally skip or stutter.

The mirror is darker than a standard rear view mirror, which may affect some drivers. The device tends to overheat due to its large display and requires a stiff and rigid rear view mirror to ensure stable image.




Device quality [0-5] Video quality [0-5] Price to quality ratio [0-5]
3 1 4
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