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Xblitz XB-Limited dashcam review


Record from camera during daylight operation 

Record from camera during night conditions operation 









Record from camera during night conditions operation 




Xblitz Limited is yet another budget dashcam. The first impression is rather positive due to a robust and well-fitting plastic housing and buttons on the front panel. Also, the price may be tempting, since it is one of the least expensive Xblitz dashcams. Like other Xblitz dashcams, Limited starts automatically at power on (by turning the key in the ignition switch) and shuts down several seconds after the engine is turned off.




However, that is where the pros end. The videos recorded by Limited are far from perfect. Despite Full HD quality declared by the manufacturer, the quality is inferior. The image is blurred and out of focus. Without WDR, the dashcam has serious problems with white balance and the image often lacks contrast. The videos recorded at night were often corrupted with noise of unknown origin. The field of view is 120° and a single infrared diode does not improve the image exposure in a slightest way. The recorded sound is flat and the volume is too low. The dashcam records images in AVI format, which means that the videos stored on the memory card take too much space and have lower quality compared to the videos in MOV format used by other Xblitz models. Unfortunately, Xblitz Limited is not the best choice and at this price range we can easily find better performing devices.




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