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Xblitz XB-Go dashcam review


Record from camera during daylight operation 

Record from camera during night conditions operation 









Record from camera during night conditions operation 





Xblitz Go is yet another interesting dashcam.

While the design is similar to P100, the offered video quality is slightly lower. A protruding large lens similar to those used in professional compact cameras is decorated with 8 IR illuminators. A term ’decorated’ was used on purpose, since they do not seem to affect the images recorded at night.

The dashcam features a unique mount with a power supply connected to the mount and not directly to the dashcam. It makes it easy to install and remove the dashcam without disconnecting the cable. Like other Xblitz dashcams, Go starts automatically at power on (by turning the key in the ignition switch) and shuts down several seconds after the engine is turned off. The buttons at the front make navigation of the menu easy. The dashcam records good quality Full HD video both during the day and at night under artificial light. With a wide field of view and good quality sound, the overall quality is more than adequate.




Even though the dashcam features IR illuminators, the video recorded at night without artificial light is very dark and is one of the biggest issues with this model.




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