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H.265 - video coding standard

High Efficiency Video Coding is a high efficiency video image coding system. H.265/HEVC offers twice the data compression ratio at similar video quality or significantly better quality at the same bit rate compared to H.264/AVC. Band reduction by approx. 50% compared to H.264 significantly reduces the required disk space.


H.265 uses CTB (Coding Tree Block) structure with a maximum block size of 64x64 pixels, whereas the macroblock size in H.264 is 16x16 pixels.


H.265 was introduced in 2013. The standard supports resolutions up to 8190x4320, including UHDTV video streams. H.265 can be used in IP monitoring systems, where the cameras supporting resolutions better than Full HD are gaining popularity. H.265 in monitoring equipment guarantees very sharp images with high details at the same band.