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The TC-R3220 SPEC:I/B/P16/K/V3.1 digital recorder is a professional device applicable in surveillance systems. The H.265 / H.264 video compression standard using to record video data, allows to get the best possible quality of recorded image at minimal network transfer and disk storage capacity. The menu options layout has been designed for all users, even beginners can easy navigate and change parameters in DVR settings without any problem.

Standard: IP
Supported resolutions: max. 8 Mpx
Video outputs: 1 pcs HDMI 4K
1 pcs VGA
Audio support: 20 Channels - Audio from cameras
Audio inputs: 1 pcs
Audio outputs: 1 pcs
Image compression method: S+265 / H.265 / S+264 / H.264
Supported hard drives: 2  x 10 TB SATA
Recording modes: Manual, Motion Detection, Schedule
External storage devices backup: Backup to USB drive (pendrive, external drive)
Searching and playback the records:
  • Records searching: by time and events type. Records playback: forward, backward, fast, slow
  • Advanced searching (to the one second accuracy)
  • max. 16 channel synchronous playback
  • Network interface: 1 x RJ-45 - 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps
    Network functions: Full support via network, Remote records copying, Web-Server built-in
    Bitrate: max. 160 Mbps
    Default admin user / password: admin / -
    The administrator password should be set at the first start
    Default IP address: 
    RTSP URL: rtsp://user:password@ - Main stream
    rtsp://user:password@ - Sub stream
    Web browser access ports: 80, 443, 3000, 3001, 3002, 23002 
    PC client access ports: 3000, 3001 
    Mobile client access ports: 3000, 3001 
    Mobile phones support: Port no.: 3000 or access by a cloud (P2P)
  • Android: Free application EasyLive Plus
  • iOS (iPhone): Free application EasyLive Plus
  • Access from PC: Port no.: 3000 or access by a cloud (P2P) - PC: Free application Easy7 Smart Client Express
    Alarm inputs / outputs: 4 / 1 
    Motion Detection:
    Intelligent image analysis:
    USB: 2 x USB 2.0
    Mouse support:
    IR remote controller in the set:
    Main features: Support for Intelligent Image Analysis function, available in TIANDY cameras :
  • crossing the line (tripwire)
  • double crossing the line
  • abandoned/missing object
  • detection of loitering in a given area
  • running
  • parking detection
  • heat map
  • detection of people gathering
  • protective helmet detection
  • detection of persons on duty
  • signal loss indication
  • detection of persons on duty
  • people counting
  • face detection
  • Switch PoE: 16-port PoE Switch built-in, 30 W / Channel - PoE
    Maximum total switch load: 200 W
    Power supply: 100 V ... 240 V AC
    Weight: 3.07 kg
    Dimensions: 440  x 284  x 47 mm
    Supported languages: Polish, English, Albanian, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Russian, Thai, French, Dutch, Hebrew, Vietnamese, German, Ukrainian, Portuguese
    Manufacturer / Brand: TIANDY
    Guarantee: 3 years
    NVR TC R3220 SPEC I B P16 K V3 1 20 CHANNELS 16 PoE TIANDY
    Front panel: 
    NVR TC R3220 SPEC I B P16 K V3 1 20 CHANNELS 16 PoE TIANDY
    Rear panel: 
    NVR TC R3220 SPEC I B P16 K V3 1 20 CHANNELS 16 PoE TIANDY
    In the kit: 
    NVR TC R3220 SPEC I B P16 K V3 1 20 CHANNELS 16 PoE TIANDY
    Data Sheet
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    Manufacturer's Data Sheet EN 
    865 kB
    Quick Start Guide EN 
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    Manual EN 
    24 MB
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 510x380x150 mmPackage: CartonGross Weight: 4.362 kg