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The device allows to connect two network devices via single twisted-pair cable;
Net: 4.53 USD  Gross: 5.57 USD
The AD-UTP/R adapter allows to connect 2 devices to the switch using one UTP cat. 5e cable; The pair of devices allows to use only one twisted pair to make 2 independent connections between the switch and the device while maintaining the PoE power supply;
Net: 3.76 USD  Gross: 4.62 USD
Material: Plastic - anvilNITE ; Bearing capacity: 8 kg ; Distance from mounting surface: 100 mm ; Length of the mounting element: 120 mm ; The diameter of the fixing element: Ø 40 mm ;
Net: 7.75 USD  Gross: 9.53 USD
Memory: RAM : 2 GB DDR, embedded : 16 GB ;
Net: 106.01 USD  Gross: 130.39 USD