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OSD menu

On-Screen-Display (OSD) menu is a list of device parameters and device status information. The menu can be accessed by pressing a specific function button on the device, usually a menu button. The menu button’s location and design depend on the manufacturer and the device type.


On-screen-display menu is displayed on the display of the device (if the device has a built-in display) or on an external display connected to the device. OSD menu is a standard used in most available monitors and TVs. It is also often used in CCTV cameras (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1. Screenshot from GRAFIX-10D2W-2 camera with OSD menu


Press a special joystick on the camera cable (Fig. 2) or inside the enclosure to access the on screen display menu of the camera. Move the joystick up/down or left/right to navigate the menu items.


Fig. 2. Joystick on the GRAFIX-10D2W-2 camera cable for navigating the on screen display menu.