TopTechnical DictionaryAllFrame Technology - reduction of video frame loss rate.

AllFrame Technology - reduction of video frame loss rate.

This cache algorithm improves playback quality of recorder data, reduces errors and lost frames and increases the number of cameras supported by the system.


AllFrame Technology is an extension of SilkStream technology used in AV-GP series CCTV optimized WD HDDs. In the latest solution, the number of supported HD video streams was increased from 12 to 32.


Video 1. Performance comparison of HDD for desktop applications with WD Purple HDD using AllFrame technology (simulation provided by Western Digital)



In 2014, the manufacturer compared the performance of HDDs with AllFrame technology with other available CCTV optimized HDDs. In a 16-camera setup, WD Purple HDDs provided a 5% better performance compared to other devices. The difference in performance has increased with the increase in number of cameras to 32. During HD video stream write/read test, WD Purple HDDs were in standby mode almost 50% of the time, whereas other HDDs were in standby mode only 30% of the time. It reduces wear of electromechanical components and overall HDD degradation. Also, WD Purple HDDs during standard operation were 45% more energy efficient compared to other HDDs.


Full AllFrame support requires a compatible HDD controller. If the controller is not available, the video streams are handled using a standard ATA streaming command set.