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10/100 Base-T - Ethernet network standard

10/100 Base-T Standard – one of the Ethernet network standards (local area network (LAN) standard).

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1920x1080 resolution, also referred to as Full High-Definition or Full HD resolution. See more...
2D/3D DNR noise reduction

2D-DNR noise reduction is based on the analysis of individual video frames. 3D-DNR also analyses the differences between subsequent video frames to adapt the pixels and improve image fidelity. 3D-DNR technology provides better noise reduction, however it tends to blur the moving objects.

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4K UHD resolution

4K UHD – is a resolution standard developed by DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives), with an image size of 3840 x 2160 pixels at 16:9 aspect ratio. The resolution is four times higher than the commonly used Full HD (1920x1080) resolution.

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1280x720 resolution commonly referred to as HD Ready. See more...
802.11ac - wireless network standard

802.11ac wireless network standard operates at 5 GHz band and uses Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) and beamforming technology. Along with a wider spectrum it offers speeds up to 1.3 Gbps (using three antennas).

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802.11b - wireless network standard

IEEE 802.11b – is a wireless network standard providing bit rates of up to 11 MPs and a maximum distance up to approx. 50 m indoors and up to 100 m outdoors. The maximum distance can be increased with directional antennas. In Poland, the band available for this network is 2.4 GHz...2.4835 GHz corresponding to 13 channels.

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802.11g - wireless network standard

IEEE 802.11g – a wireless network standard designed to extend the capabilities of 802.11b. The standard increases bandwidth to 54 Mbit/s using the same 2.4 GHz band as 802.11b. However, at high user densities there might be some issues with interferences and bandwidth, and the standards is replaced by IEEE 802.11n.

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802.11n - wireless network standard

IEEE 802.11n – a wireless network standard using multiple antenna for increased data transfer rates operating at two frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with a theoretical data transfer rates up to 600 Mb/s. In practice, the throughput of approx. 440 Mb/s can be achieved.

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802.3af - data and power transmission standard

PoE IEEE 802.3af – a data and power transmission standard over a single twisted pair cable. The required power must not exceed 12.95 W. Guaranteed minimum distance is 100 m.

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802.3at - data and power transmission standard

PoE IEEE 802.3af – a data and power transmission standard over a single twisted pair cable for devices with power input up to 25,5 W with a guaranteed minimum distance of 100 m.

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AHD - video signal transmission standard

AHD (Analog High Definition) - an HD (1280x720), Full HD (1920x1080), 3 Mpx (2048x1536), 4 Mpx (2560x1440) and 5 Mpx (2592x1944) signal transmission standard via a 75 Ω coaxial cable or twisted pair with video baluns.

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AllFrame Technology - reduction of video frame loss rate.

The technology developed by Western Digital and implemented in Purple series CCTV optimized HDDs for 24/7 HD video streams.

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Alternating current (AC)

AC (Alternating Current) – an electric current which periodically reverses direction at a specific frequency. The usual waveform of alternating current is a sine wave.

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AWG (American Wire Gauge) – is an American standardized system for determining diameters or cross-sectional areas of wires.

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Battery capacity

A parameter defining the ability of the battery to power an electric circuit with a specific current for a specific time. The battery capacity is rated in ampere-hours (Ah).

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Bit rate

A bit rate refers to a number of bits transmitted via a transmission channel or stored in the memory per second, usually measured in b/s (bits per second) or its multiple (kb/s, Mb/s, Gb/s etc.).

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BLC - configurable Back Light Compensation

BLC (Backlight Compensation) is a mechanism by which a CCTV camera can compensate for backlight by enhancing automatic exposure control in intense lighting conditions.

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BNC connector

BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) – a connector used as a terminal of a coaxial cable in digital television, analogue television, CCTV cameras, measuring instruments and computer networks.

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Cable attenuation per 100 m

Attenuation loss, expressed in decibels per 100 m [dB/100m], determines the ratio of signal power at the beginning of the transmission route (cable) to signal power at a specific distance from the beginning of the transmission route (e.g. at 100 m).

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CCTV Support Software
The Delta Tools is a set of free tools (applications) necessary for designing, servicing or the supervisory work of the CCTV systems.
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CINCH (RCA) connector

CINCH (RCA) – quite popular and commonly used in a wide range of A/V equipment usually for audio signals.

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Comparison of the SonneTech illuminator with other models available on the market

Development of the operation analysis of the SonneTech illuminator and four other models commercially available in a similar price range

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A method to reduce the size of data representing an image based on the analysis of redundant and non-essential information.

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Configurable privacy zones

The privacy zones are freely configurable image areas excluded from monitoring.
The image in the privacy zone is blocked by an electronic mask - usually rectangular, occupying a strictly defined position, or other polygons, depending on the camera model.

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Configuring the motion detection in APTI series cameras

Configuring the motion detection function in APTI cameras.

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Configuring the operation modes of APTI camera with GEMINI TECHNOLOGY recorders.

Configuring the operation modes of APTI cameras compatible with GEMINI TECHNOLOGY recorders.

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CRI - Colour Rendering Index

CRI (Colour Rendering Index) – is an index indicating how accurate a light source is at rendering colour of an object illuminated by that light source. CRI is a scale from 0 to 100 and the higher the index the better the object colours are rendered in a specific light.

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CVBS - video signal transmission standard

Composite video, also referred to as the CVBS (Composite Video Baseband Signal) is an analogue video transmission signal without audio which contains image data in standard resolution of 480 and 570 or (480 lines or 576 lines interlaced).

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dBi – isotropic antenna power gain

dBi - antenna gain (‘G’) expressed in dBi shows a value in decibels by which the antenna gain is higher than that of a hypothetical isotropic antenna assuming that both antennas are fed with the same power.

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dBm - logarithmic power unit

dBm – absolute level relative to 1 mW (milliwatt); according to the rules we should use dBmW, however, dBm unit was adopted.

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dBµV – logarithmic voltage unit

dBµV – absolute level unit relative to 1 µV (microvolt). The unit is commonly used in the radio, DVB-T and satellite technology.

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Decibel (dB)

Decibel – a ratio of one value to another on a logarithmic scale.

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Insulator – a gas, liquid or solid with a low number of free electric charge carriers that does not conduct electricity.

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Direct current (DC)

DC (Direct Current) – a direct current whose value does not vary in time. Unlike alternating current (AC), in direct current (DC), the electric charge only flows in one direction, and the current is constant and unidirectional.

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E.I.R.P. (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) - an equivalent effective isotropic radiated power

E.I.R.P. (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) - is an equivalent effective isotropic radiated power defined as a power that would have to be radiated by a hypothetical isotropic antenna to achieve identical signal level in the direction of maximum radiation of a specific antenna.”

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Efficiency (Efficiency)

It is a ratio of the DC output power (generated by the power supply) to AC input power (received from the mains) expressed as percentages.

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Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
EIS – electronic image stabilization is carried out by the camera’s image processor. The system minimizes blurring and compensates for camera shake often caused by the external factors, for example wind. See more...

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